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While the last leg of pregnancy is dedicated to planning which outfit to bring home the baby in and preparing to go into labor; nesting begins much earlier. Pricey department stores with a surplus of items is usually the first choice. Local and small shops are exceptionally great places to shop at as well. These shops will also help to stay within theme of your baby’s nursery.

Prior to learning the sex of the baby, most parents collect gender neutral items. All white onsies, diapers, burp cloths and bottles are usually the initial pre-birth purchases. As The pregancy furthers on, more and more do parents start to consider the gender of the baby, the season the baby will be born in and what potential interests the baby may have; when deciding on how to decorate a nursery. Certain themes work for any gender. Take the colorful fox theme items that multiple shops on Etsy are selling. It’s colorful, whimsical and just adorable.

What makes this theme perfect for any gender is the palette. A mix of bright and neutral colors helps to set the tone for a universal nursery theme. The theme is not completely dependent on the colors and patterns that you choose, but what elements can you incorporate to make it unique. Nautical is a very popular theme, and can be mixed with traditional and non-traditional items, colors and patterns. Try a nautical print, but change the colors to non-traditional ones to make it unique. Mix in a few patterns and colors that standout and really pop amongst the rest of the theme.

There are numerous elements to be cognitive about when deciding the theme for your baby’s nursery. Don’t limit yourself to just the large department or chain stores for selections. Research. Use keywords and search for what little treasures with creative items exist in your neck of the woods.


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