The campaigns to fight the stereotypes, double standards and limiting narratives against children, does not need to be separated by race or ethnicity. This needs to be stated. While Rouge Lioness is an online platform that serves the urban community/population and caters more towards women and children of color, Rouge Lioness does not discriminate against race, ethnicity, religion, culture and you can read the rest on the About page.

This statement is being made due to the manipulation of several human rights campaigns that have taken place on Twitter. Mainstream feminism excludes women of color and young moms. Mainstream campaigns have been exclusive to certain people from certain backgrounds. Unfortunately, these exclusions are just another limiting narrative. So, what example are we setting for our children? These limiting narratives are setting the tone that if you are not a certain gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or have a certain income, then your voice is not heard.

Children are being affected by the limiting narratives that adults create and institute into aspects of life and profession. Not only are children being told what they have to be if they are a girl or boy, it has become more. This is how you have to be a black girl, as a jewish boy, as a biracial child. Immigrant children are unable to be bicultural. They are one way at home and another way at school. Labels are placed on children and they are constrained within these gender or racial/ethnic roles.

These limiting narratives are why the organization, The Representation Project exists. They are responsible for the film Miss Representation, and for the upcoming documentary film, The Mask You Live In. Their mission and films are the reason for why Rouge Lioness has joined the movement as a rep. Children should have the right and freedom to self-discovery, even if it does not suit mainstream society’s perception of of what it means to be a girl, boy, woman or man.

There is more work being done and coming from The Representation Project and Rouge Lioness. Keep up to date with the movement and actions being taken by checking on our sites.

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