It seems like everyone is into the juicing craze. Admittedly it is an excellent way of getting nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Also, making your own drinks can be a fun and creative way to stay hydrated! Here are a couple recipes to bring inspiration to drink making craze.Also, newbies to juicing should check out the New to Juicing? article by Gianna Caucci.

effervescent_drink_banner_2Recipe by @LornaJaneActive (Instagram)
Hello Effervescent Energy Drink

+ 1 cup sliced strawberries
+ 1 cup diced peaches
+ 2 sliced lemons
+ 1/4 cup honey
+ 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
+ fresh mint
+ 1L sparkling mineral H20
+ ice cubes to serve chilled

Combine fruit, mint, honey, & apple cider vinegar in a jar & leave for 30 minutes to infuse. After, add H20 & stir well to combine. Serve in jars with lots of ice, a sprig of mint, plus an extra strawberry & slice of lemon. Then sing “Ice Ice Baby”! (her words not mine)


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