Who hasn’t been embarrassed to go into the pharmacy area of the store to buy condoms? Remember the trick of buying extra items just for the sake of hiding your soon to be purchased condoms underneath them? It’s bad enough that there is already a negative stigma attached to menstrual cycles, and don’t get me started on men trying to claim sympathy symptoms/pain! But needless to say, the use of condoms during the act of sex is important.

It does not matter whether you are pregnant or not. The use of condoms is important. If used correctly, it is an effective means of preventing pregnancy and the contraction of sexually transmitted infections. An STI can affect your pregnancy and your baby’s health. Pregnancy does not give a woman, nor the baby protection from contracting STIs. There are many STIs that do not have symptoms, plus some take months to years to be discovered. Protecting one’s self and an unborn baby is a top priority. There are condom production companies that are trying to dismantle the negative stigma that comes with condoms. More women would be empowered to buy condoms and protect themselves if there wasn’t such a stigma attached to it. President of Lovability Inc., Tiffany Gaines completely understands about the importance of female empowerment and displacing the stigma attached to condoms.


Lovability is a movement. Women now have a product that is designed for them that fits discretely in our lives and clutches. “e great goal of Lovability Inc. is to de-stigmatize condoms and encourage honest communication among all women in regards to the importance of safe sex” (Gaines, T., 2013). This is a company and product with a mission that needs to be supported. In this day and age, women are still fighting many battles regarding equality, and women’s health and reproductive rights. Lovability Inc. is assisting women to gain power over their sexual health. One way to start doing that is by increasing the use and decreasing the stigmatism of condoms.

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