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New mommyhood can definitely throw you off your pre-delivery schedule. You've probably found that the things you loved, but wasted time doing can no longer fit into "your" new schedule. Let's face it! You are no longer on your own schedule. Well, below are 5 beauty routines that you can still work into your schedule and that can even be done while breastfeeding. Just make sure that you prep and apply the products before you start breastfeeding.

1. Oil Pulling

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Photo Credits: Hello Natural and Quite Dainty

2. Remove Blackheads with a Two Ingredient Mask

I've tried the below tutorial and I have to say that it actually works! I only did it on my nose and agree to not try it on the rest of your face. It doesn't take long to dry, but can be a bit difficult to peel off. However, it took away all of my blackheads.

3. Deep Condition Your Hair

Photo Credit: Curls Understood

4. Foot Soak

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